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To see information on our two new plants available only from us and our licensed growers, click on either of the following pictures.

Anthericum StarlightCuphea Confetti Carpet

Our nursery was started in order to supply our landscaping but it has grown to where we supply local retail nurseries and landscapers on a regular basis. We now grow large quantities of a select variety of popular landscaping plants from hedging plants to shrubs and groundcovers, both indigenous and exotic to South Africa.

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Plants we Grow

To buy these plants send an email or phone the number our contact page


Viburnum odoratissimum - Sweet Hedge - 1m to 6m tall hedge

Freylinia tropica - Honeybells - 0.3m to 3m hedge

Duranta gold - Yellow Duranta - 0.3m to 3m hedge

Makaya bella - Forest Bell - Shade hedge 0.5m to 3m

Buxus semperivens superba - Box Hedge - 0.3m to 2m hedge

Plumbago auriculata - Cape Leadwort - 0.5 to 2m hedge

Neat Shrubs

Nandina domestica pygmae - Dwarf Sacred Bamboo - 0.6m bush

Lavender Margaret Roberts - English Lavender - 0.6m bush

Grassy plants

Anthericum Starlight - Variegated Bumblebee Grass - 0.75m Flowering Grassy Perrenial

Chondropetalum tectorum -  Cape Thatch Reed - 1.5m Reed

Acorus gramineus 'Gold Edge' - Dwarf Gold Sedge - 0.3m Grassy Sedge

Tulbachia violacea - Wild Garlic - 0.3m Flowering Bulb

Ophipogon varieties - Mondo - Dwarf and normal Mondo Grass


Cuphea Confetti Carpet - Dwarf White False Heather - 0.3m Flowering Groundcover

Carissa Green Carpet - Num Num Matangulu - 0.3m to 1m Groundcover

Trachelospermum jasminoides - Star Jasmine - Scented Flowering Climber